Should students have to repeat their

Nineteen empirical studies conducted during the s compared students who were retained with students who were promoted to the next grade, NASP noted. This leaves the remaining percentage of the students to equally contribute to doing both schoolwork and aftershock programs.

As one Florida superintendent, Doug Whittaker, put it to Education Week last March in a story about the spread of retention policies: The report, which examined a decade-old retention policy in Floridawas authored by Martin West of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

The direct and indirect costs of educating a child for an additional year compounded by all grade retentions in the system can be substantial.

Some students who are from other cities face lots of problems of food and residence. Students will face the life threatening hot in the examination halls during the summer examination. We hope you find this recently updated article to be of value. Most of the developed countries have education system in their mother language like Germany, France etc.

If conflicts do arise, it is best to get others such as other friends involved so that the spirit of community, unity, and peace at the college can continue to be upheld. The Examination system should be based on research work with the effort to explore world not on the ability of cramming.

External link in this article — An Update from SayPeople: Lack of guidance In our country, students face a lot of problems during their educational career.

The tests are given in the spring; the interventions are starting now [in the winter] to help students prepare for the tests.

They cannot afford even the negligible fees being charged in the government institutions, let alone the books and uniforms for which they are to pay from their own pockets. And we try to avoid passing [an unprepared] student from one teacher to another. Once this process is repeated a few times with a student, the student closes himself to teachers in future.

The Fresh Choice

These precise issues must be addressed directly and often on a sustained basis. Based on the number of students who failed the tests last year, as many as 15, students could be repeating third grade.

About SANC tells you all about the Nursing Council - the Council vision, mission and objectives, the members that make up the Nursing Councilthe various Council committees and the members that serve on each, etc.

Students are facing severe study problems.

Better Writing Skills

The NASP estimates that as many as 15 percent of American students repeat a grade each year, and between 30 percent and 50 percent of students in the U. Lack of Trained teachers: Martin Luther King Symposium in January. The parents may argue that the best thing is to pass their little Johnny along post-haste.

Alternatives to Holding a Student Back Consider some of these options, but always come back to the burning question — What is best for the student. Often the best approach is a combination of the above methods or even of another creative option. Frequently, educators feel the only alternative to social promotion for struggling students is retaining them, the report noted.

There is no need for them to memorize it. Create a comprehensive summer assignment that must be completed in full in order for them to move on to the next grade. Lack of guidance is very serious problem which students face.

They resort to indiscriminate punishments resultantly some of the students run away from schools and the rest become docile with no interest in education but to spend time aimlessly.

Whether the topic is homework, friendships, or daily curriculum, do not hesitate to ask questions and seek help. I ran the final grades and my heart sank. This language barrier is also caused lack of confidence among students who got education in Urdu. Lack of Parking area There exists no parking area in majority of private institutes due to which students have to park their vehicles at road which leads to traffic jams and creates a lot of tension for students.

Should Failing Students Be Held Back?

I think the talk is going to increase. Statistics is for the inquisitive and the researcher. Lack of facilities for Co-circular activities There exist no facilities for co-curricular activities of the students.

Problems faced by students in current educational setup & their possible solutions

The purpose of early education is to induce in to the students an interest of education but children are taught by untrained teachers in their early stage, so they lose interest in education. This experience would be helpful in future for getting a job. Because these students don’t show there aptitudes, I strongly believe that as a consequence for their failing grades on every class they have, they should be retained and have to repeat their grade.

Latest Students news, comment and analysis from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice. Oct 30,  · Many children who have to repeat a grade feel embarrassed to be older than their classmates.

However, if your child is young for his or her grade, repeating a grade may not be as much of a problem.

Repeating a grade: The pros and cons

A child who is younger than his or her peers and struggles in school may actually end up performing better after being held back a year%(46). Making Retention A Last Resort: Too often, educators find themselves choosing between social promotion and retention, when neither benefits children.

Some districts have found that intensive intervention in the early grades can eliminate the choice between two unappealing options. Teachers and parents are sometimes faced with the question of whether to have a child repeat a grade because he seems unprepared to learn the mate­rial in the next grade.

When making this decision, keep in mind that research shows that low-achieving students tend to progress at the same rate.

Making Retention a Last Resort

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Should students have to repeat their
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